Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Music Video Tribute to Dolph Schluter

The seemingly increasing popularity of Darwin Day video parodies (and originals) made it pretty much a sealed deal that someone had to post one on YouTube that would be broadly appeal within evolutionary biology circles. With the Lonely Island's single "I'm on a Boat" turning gold last summer, and UBC's evolution group being filled with creative smarties, I was barely surprised to see an excellent parody of a parody, "I'm in a Pond," appear last month. You can turn on closed captioning (CC) for clarified lyrics, which include, "I'm writing Nature papers/And you're stuck at Am Nat," and "Believe me when I say/I love E-d-a."

(I would like to encourage everyone to send in their Darwin Day videos. You can just post links in comments. We'll highlight the best ones on February 12th.)

[Thanks RichF!]