Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coordinating Travel to Moscow, Idaho for Evolution 2009

London, Mexico City, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Dublin, San Juan (Puerto Rico), San Jose (Costa Rica). What do these cities have in common? They're just a few of the exciting places I could visit more cheaply and more conveniently than the location of this year's Evolution meetings: Moscow, Idaho. In addition to the 10 hour flight from Rochester to Spokane, I've learned that the shuttles between Spokane and Moscow offered by the conference organizers are utterly useless for my itinerary (arrival at midnight on June 12th and departure at 8:30PM on June 16th). If anybody else is still working on transportation between Spokane and Moscow perhaps we can use the comments section here to help coordinate shared transportation? I've been given the impression that the only options outside of the conference shuttles are taxi (>$80 on way fare) or car rental.


Dan Warren said...

I've got a car full of pop bio students that are all splitting rental and gas. I think we'll all be heading from Spokane to Moscow too early to do you any good, but we may be able to squeeze you in on the return trip. We'll be going back a bit earlier on the 16th, though, as some of us have flights at around 6.

NickM said...

Yeah, but it's a pretty drive in early June!!

Jack Sullivan said...

Hi Rich - We've planned for a shuttle to leave Spokane after the last scheduled flight of the day arrives. I think you'll be covered. We'll have to update the website.

We can't do anything about the cost except empathize. I pay it for my family (4 of us) twice a year.

Jeremy said...

You think it's bad visiting - you should try living here. (Only kidding. Mostly.)

There have been some fitful discussions of carpooling on the Evolution 2009 Facebook event page. The events format on FB doesn't support multithreaded discussions, though - I'll look into setting up a "group," instead. Unless someone can suggest a better medium than FB.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Richard. My name is Darrell, I am the Evolution Conference Coordinator. You are correct. All of those towns are easier to get to then Moscow, ID. There is a good reason why we are on the edge of the largest forest in the lower 48 states. It is because we are in a somewhat remote location. Our location has numerous advantages-especially to folks that enjoy the outdoors. And, as you've noticed, some challenges.
That is why we:
1. Arranged shuttles from Spokane and Pullman airports
2. Strongly encouraged people to arrange their transportation so they could take the shuttles
2a. Sent out several reminders about the need to arrange transportation
3. Offered the shuttles at a very reasonable rate
We did conduct a survey to determine the June 16 schedule. Unfortunately, VERY few people indicated a preference for later in the day.
I regret the available shuttle times do not match your schedule.
One final thought: If you must arrive so late on the 12th, perhaps you should fly into Pullman.
Best wishes, and see you in Moscow!

Glor said...

Thanks for the responses and for taking my remarks with the good humor I intended. Although travel to Moscow may be a bit bothersome, I can't think of anyplace else I'd rather be this June.

It is worth noting that part of my problem stems from the fact that I'm traveling from a city with a secondary airport as well. That's the main reason I'm arriving so late on the 12th: this was the only way I could get a reasonably priced itinerary (although perhaps a couple hundred extra dollars to arrive earlier may have been more cost effective if I end up needing to rent a car). I received and read all of the warnings and suggestions, but didn't really have many options when it came to scheduling the timing of my arrival and departure.

I'm not into Facebook, but if that's the way to catch a ride perhaps its time I join the revolution.

Dan Warren said...

Yes Rich, you need to get on Facebook. In today's fast paced scientific world, it's important that you keep up with all of your fellow scientists' favorite cat-related videos, and which Duke of Hazzard they most closely resemble. You will be assimilated.

Glor said...

Just posted to the facebook list, but it doesn't look like there is much activity there on the carpooling front. Perhaps I'm the only person who's been left out by the shuttle service.

Unknown said...

Hey Rich, I am late to this. I don't know if you found a ride out here yet, but if not I could probably pick you up.

Dan Warren said...

The program for the conference is online now.

Golf Blog said...

Any one want to comment on how this came out? I am going around this area soon and would like some travel tips, as far as transportation and shuttles go. It's so darn expensive, I was shocked.

Glor said...

I managed to snag a ride with conference organizers and with another attendee. An obvious way to avoid the expense was never made evident to me.