Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phylografter (beta)

Rick Ree just made publicly accessible his new immensely useful program for creating conglomerated trees, Phylografter (beta version). While tree grafting is an old business (and it may soon be superseded by GenBank trawling and mega-phylogeny reconstruction), our DNA taxon sampling is not stellar for most groups, and anyone who has made glomograms by hand will immediately recognize its utility

Phylografter is a web2py-based application that allows users to upload trees or use existing ones in order to join them for the purpose of creating a single large phylogeny. The current demo version can be downloaded or run on a web server, and handles up to 7,000 tips. There are thousands of trees already uploaded into the tree database, which can be used to create new glomograms. It is presently a bit plant-heavy--not a big surprise, given the context of its creation. [Read more at EOL.]


Anonymous said...

in Phylografter, instructions - the link to download the program to run locally seems to be broken.

Rick Ree said...