Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bicentennial: Part 1

As Darwin's 200th birthday nears, multiple media sources have unveiled special sections devoted to the originator of what is probably the greatest idea in all of science. Today's Science Section of The New York Times is simply outstanding. It showcases a PDF version of the Origin, as well as some commentary, and several articles that feature many familiar faces. The National Geographic has several related pieces, including a series of recent videos and (photo)essays, as well as an older collection by David Quammen.

If you have your favorite sources, please let us know, and do share how you plan to celebrate.


Susan Perkins said...

I really liked the Nat Geo piece - the photos were excellent.

Unknown said...

I agree. The Jan SciAm and Feb NatGeo were both quite extensive explorations of Darwin and evolution.

We've got a series of events going on at Kent State, beginning tonight with a interdisciplinary graduate symposium. I think it will be a big draw, since we've got grad students from Bio, Anthro, CompSci, History, Education, and Theater all speaking.