Monday, October 27, 2008

Christopher Hitchens: Defender of Fruitflies

Palin is an easy target for the man who took down Mother Teresa.Update: Dan Warren pointed us to this watercolor by Zina Saunders that sums up Palin's attitude toward fruitfly research.

Update: Jerry Coyne has join the fray.


Dan Warren said...

I actually managed to miss out on the fruit fly comment, but now that I've finally caught up I'm appropriately appalled.

Zina Saunders has done one of her awesome watercolors about it here.

Anyone who hasn't seen her work should really poke around, they're some of the best and most pointed political art out there. Take these, for example.

mfb said...

Those watercolors are fantastic, especially the one of Lieberman crying.

Dan Warren said...

The Lieberman one is actually my favorite as well.