Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great blog to visit - including interview with Rosie Redfield

The blog "The Molecular Ecologist" has a number of great posts - everyone should go check it out. This blog is great because the posts have been more in-depth than typical blog posts. For example, Dilara Ally has posted a nice series of essays about the promises and perils of next generation sequencing (example), Brant Faircloth posted a how-to for finding homologous genetic regions, and Tim Vines has been posting about the journal industry and other things.

Recently Dr. Ally has posted part I of a two-part interview of Rosie Redfield, a scientist at UBC known for her innovative work on bacteria. The interview touches on the recent controversy about "arsenic-based life," where Dr. Redfield's blog played a key role in an international debate - and sparked a remarkable and disturbing response from NASA.

Anyway a blog worth reading.


UPDATE: Part II posted here.

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Dilara said...

Thanks Luke! The second part of the interview is now posted.