Saturday, December 25, 2010

New blogs

The readers of this blog (or at least those that remain) may have been wondering what the authors have been up to as the most recent post accumulates dust on Dechronization's front page (now over a month old, see below). Well, there are two new blogs that myself and Dechronization creator Rich Glor have been contributing to which may have drawn our attention away somewhat from treethinkers.blogspot!
First, Rich has been writing regularly for "Anole Annals" (, which is a great new web-log created by Jonathan Losos and devoted entirely to the wonderful adaptive radiation of Anolis lizards, made famous in evolutionary circles by Ernest Williams and Losos himself. If you find it hard to believe that Anolis can single-handedly sustain a regular web-log, then let Losos, Glor, and regular "Anole Annals" contributors Luke Mahler, Manuel Leal, and Yoel Stuart try to prove you wrong.
Second, I recently started blogging about my R phylogenetic development activities in a separate blog on phylogenetic comparative biology (creatively entitled: "Phylogenetic tools for comparative biology", and located at Since I started programming in R only relatively recently, this might interest both novice users and experienced R junkies alike. It is also designed to complement my newly created beta test version distribution page, which features the R source code for a growing list of R phylogenetics functions and methods that I have been working on.
Please check out these new blogs, but remember to come back to Dechronization because we promise that blogging here will resume here very soon!


Liam Revell said...

Oh, and happy holidays!

Susan Perkins said...

I'll be back soon, too!