Sunday, June 27, 2010

Portland 2010

The first two days of the meeting have been a blast, capped so far by a thought provoking ASN presidential address by Jonathan Losos and a picnic this evening at the Oregon Zoo. However, in terms of pure irony the most amusing experience thus far was the discovery by Carlos Botero and I (shortly after our arrival) that the Oregon Convention Center is simultaneously hosting the 'Evolution' joint meeting (as you no doubt already know) along with the 'Oregon Christian Home Education Conference.' Note, particularly for non-American readers, that one of the primary reasons children are homeschooled in the United States is so their parents can avoid teaching them about evolution (e.g., refs here and here). Luckily I had the foresight to snap a picture (above), as their conference ended this evening.


Anonymous said...

See this photo:

"Putting the BIBLE FIRST in all subjects"!

Glor said...

I accidentally wandered into the wrong side of the conference center the first day and found myself among the home schoolers. I didn't realize I was in the wrong place until I saw a few Jesus themed t-shirts.

Bort said...

Glor, I was singularly unimpressed at the lack of confrontation shown by the Christian Home Schoolers. I thought that at >4,000 to a few we had half a chance of taking them! ;)