Friday, February 5, 2010

Phriday Phun with Photoshop

It seems like everyone blogging about the bat alcohol tolerance story in PLoS One has come up with their own Photoshopped image of a bat getting drunk. This is your chance to vote for your favorite! For a larger version of this image, go here.

Which is the best photoshopped image of a bat getting drunk?


Glor said...

We're starting to look like a bunch of homers. Perhaps we can get some sympathy votes for the non-dechronization entries? Was nobody swayed by Neil from microecos's claim that the Perkin's illustration is inaccurate in depicting an insectivorous species rather than one of the frugivores included in the study?

Susan Perkins said...

Well, if frugivores are unaffected by ethanol, they're probably not the party animals that insectivores are, so perhaps my illustration is more appropriate!

Neil said...

"Yeah. You're going to lose." - my wife.