Sunday, November 9, 2008

Now There's a Country that Appreciates Science!

Dan Rabosky just sent me this scan of England's ten pound note, expressing the hope that the United States might someday be so bold. Although such an appreciation for science may seem a long way off in a country where 55 million people just voted for a politician who believes humans walked with dinosaurs, there is already talk about undoing some of the anti-scientific legislation enacted over the past eight years. Obamanos!


Todd Oakley said...

I went to the UK a couple years back for a conference, and one of my souvenirs was one of these Darwin notes. Check out my blog article, which also has a scan of biologist von Baer on an Estonian note.

I also have a link on that entry to a nice site with a bunch of scientists on money.

Dan Warren said...

So do British rappers talk about having a fat wad of Darwins? Because that would be freaking awesome.