Friday, May 23, 2008

Molecular Phylogenetics has Plunged Into Crisis!

We're going to try to avoid the whole evolution versus creationism thing here. There are enough other blogs and resources covering this topic. It is fun sometime though, to see how phylogenetic uncertainty has gotten tangled up in the debate. Some of these fanatics are actually reading our papers and talking about discordance among markers! It's a good read, they cite lots of the papers from the 90s about reconstructing the early history of the tree of life. Who wants to explain the conceptual basis of gene tree/species tree conflict to somebody who thinks the Flintstones are a documentary? Love that quote from the Moonie Jonathan Well's 2000 book: "Inconsistencies among trees based on different molecules, and the bizarre trees that result from some molecular analyses, have now plunged molecular phylogeny into a crisis."

I wonder if they're going to revise in light of Dunn et al.?

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