Friday, April 17, 2009

Evolution 2009: Last Day for Early Registration and Presentation Submission

Just a reminder - today is the last day to submit presentations and register at the early rate for the joint Evolution meetings in Idaho this summer. A bunch of us from Dechronization will be there. We'll be cooperating with conference organizers to expand blog coverage of the meetings and partying in the Dechronization suite. According to Luke Harmon, our suite is located just across the street from an alcohol and tobacco vendor and gun shop and, so we should be well equipped.


Liam Revell said...

Thanks for the reminder Rich. Looking forward to it!

Susan Perkins said...

Wow - ATF one-stop-shopping. When I would drive home from Burlington to Massena, I had to pass Dick's Country Oasis: Guns, Gas, Groceries, and Guitars.

I registered! I'll be there!

Dan Warren said...

I just registered yesterday, with a title vague enough to allow me to talk about whatever it is that I decide I'm going to talk about between now and then.