Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome iPhylo Readers

Thanks to a nice plug from Rod Page, we've been seeing quite a few visitors from his iPhylo blog today. Welcome! Most of you seem to be coming for the porn, but we hope you'll run across some other interesting material while you're here.

If you haven't checked out iPhylo yet, you should head over there. Those interested in on-line databases of phylogenetic trees and taxonomic information - including Page's own iSpecies initiative - will find his posts particularly enlightening (including several recent posts on potential problems with these databases [1], [2]). We're also glad to see that somebody else shares our tendency to rant about inefficient commercial reference databases! His rant, however, actually elicited a response from the offending parties.

1 comment:

Susan Perkins said...

Come for hot gecko (and turtle and ...) porn, stay for the witty banter about evolution and occasionally get the chance to admire Rich's baking skills. It's win-win-win.